The sad end will be for the whole of Europe and not just for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Story

• Everyone talks about Cristiano's deal to victory, and they even make fun of Ronaldo's sad end and belittle him. In fact, it is a sad end for European football.

• which may lose its most important legends if the Cristiano deal and victory take place. Rather, it will lose its splendor while the lights turn towards the Gulf football.

• The sad end will be for the whole of Europe and not just for Ronaldo

• As for the value of Ronaldo, he will remain the Ronaldo who tampered and overwhelmed the history of football and was its first butcher, and everyone is a witness to that. 

• So about what reduction you are talking about, even if we forget Ronaldo's history as fans, football will certainly not forget what Cristiano did in its history,.

• Of course, every strong person softens for time, but we do not forget that time when he was ambling, having fun and tyrannizing everywhere, we do not forget that that knight who was present when his team needed him, we do not forget that he is the player who appears most in the decisive times when he was at the top of his giving, 

• Do not forget that he was chosen from nothing, please do not forget that. 

• Here I am not talking about the history of football, I am talking about the history of a country that did not dream of being among the adults even with its best legends, until that teenage boy came from poor neighborhoods in the islands of Portugal and pulled out an entire country after it was without ambition or dreams to become among the adults. 

• He got her to hug her first trophy and I don't think anyone else did that.

• The history of Portugal alone intercedes for the career of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.